Scrap Snap Quilt Along: Fabric Requirements and Cutting

Who's ready to dive into their stash? Let's cut up some scraps and put them to good use!

My tips are:
  • For a bold and clear design when making a design with a different color each month, choose scraps for each month that are similar in color and value.
  • For a blended effect when making a design with a different color each month, choose scraps for each month that have more range in value and color.
  • For the all scraps versions or one designer, if you use extreme lights or darks mixed in, they will really pop off the rest of the top. That may be a good or a bad thing. Compare the Ruby Star Society or analogous options with more lights and darks to the other versions that are more in a medium range.
  • For a monochromatic or analogous scheme, it's going to be more interesting with a range of value and color. It will be more calm with more similar value and color.
  • Part of the fun is just using what you've got to get what you get, so don't think about it too hard and have fun!

Step 1: Pick the color/theme for the month

Each month you will make 10 blocks. That is one row worth of blocks. Whether or not you keep all these blocks in a row or mix them up later is up to you. Check out this post for some ideas for layout.

In case you didn't see it way at the bottom of the other post, here is a coloring worksheet that you can download to help you plan.

Do you have your master plan and know how you will tackle it each month? Good! Now onto step 2.

Step 2: Gather fabrics (aka Fabric Requirements)

Do you keep your scraps organized by color like me? This is designed to be easy to grab one color or theme of scraps each month and just work with that stack. It's less to drag out and even less to put away. Plus then you will see some progress each month in your scrap bin as a section will be used. 


  • You will need about 5-8 ounces or the equivalent of 1/2 yard of fabric FOR EACH MONTH. 
  • Definitely grab any random mini charms, 5'' charms, or jelly roll scraps you have leftover from other projects.
  • If you've taken scrap saving to the extreme, don't take anything you have that's smaller than 2-1/2'' square.
  • You will use around 5 yards of fabric for the top TOTAL.


  • 2/3 yard of fabric cut into (8) 2-1/4″ × WOF* strips —or— at least 270’’ total of 2-1/4'' scrap strips


  • 4 yards (more if you prewash and it shrinks a lot or for matching directional fabric)


  • 68-1/2’’ × 80-1/2’’

Step 3: Cut fabrics

There are only 4 cut sizes that are used to make the 10 block layouts.


(makes 1 set of 10 blocks, 12 sets needed for top)
Name Size Quantity
A 2-1/2’’ square 34
B 2-1/2’’ × 4-1/2’’ 14
C 2-1/2’’ × 6-1/2’’ 4
D 4-1/2’’ square 4


Name Size Quantity
A 2-1/2’’ square 408
B 2-1/2’’ × 4-1/2’’ 168
C 2-1/2’’ × 6-1/2’’ 48
D 4-1/2’’ square 48

*WOF=width of fabric


Join in the fun here! Primary Facebook group: here

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