Scrap Snap Quilt Along: Schedule

Let's stay in touch and share our progress! It seems easiest to do this by Facebook group although I'll be posting and responding on Instagram as well.

Join in here!

Primary Facebook group: here

Instagram: tag #scrapsnapquiltalong #scrapsnapquilt
My Instagram: @quiltsforthemaking

Posting schedule

By January 15, 2020: share or post your plan with your sketch, scraps, or other ideas

Last week of each month: share or post your blocks for the month

Anytime: feel free to share or post anything else whenever you want

December 2020: Last month of blocks!

January 2021: Piecing the top and seeing the work pay off! Share or post your finished quilt top by the end of the month.

The pace is slow enough so we can keep working on this in between other projects. If you can't wait, I don't blame you. Or if you can't keep up, just do what you can. At least you will be closer to having something made with your beautiful scraps!

Do you have friends in your area quilting along?

One of the things I am most looking forward to is getting together with friends to work on cutting and sewing together! With just the one section of scraps to grab, it will be easy to pack it up with a rotary cutter and ruler. Meet up in a library, each other's houses, or wherever you can find a space.


  1. Was perusing the ScrapHappy Saturday post of 06/06/2020 on SoScrappy and I found myself on this Scrap Snap Quilt Along. I love it! Very generous of you to provide so many layout options - great ideas there. Will definitely be diving into my stash to make some of the blocks. Liz in Houston

  2. I can say "Snap" to Liz in Houston! I saw this too from one of the participants to the Rainbow Scrap Challenge link up on 6 June. Fascinating! I'm too late for the QAL, but I love this idea. I'll be starting this as a second RSC project, and it will continue into next year. Thank you for sharing.


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